Amsterdam City Centre

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

Amsterdam City Centre

A collection of pictures and media of flying around the Netherlands and over Amsterdam city. An instructor based at Lelystad was kind enough to advise us of a local sightseeing route that sometimes Schiphol Tower will allow. Today happened to be one of them days with the winds favouring the airlines to depart and land from North to South and not over the main city centre. On approaching the Schiphol TMA, we were passed to the very busy tower for further instructions. Havin gone to a reporting point we were approved to orbit the city for 10 minutes at 'not above 1,200 feet'. During the first orbit it became quickly apparent that this was not a superb place to be to get an engine out as them canals sure look small.

Canals of Amsterdam

Having completed a single orbit, tower instructed us to leave the zone immediately explaining that a wind change had occurred, and they were going to reroute airliners over our location to approach the new active runway.

City Centre Routing

Having got our downtown sighting run completed, we tracked North to exit the zone as quickly as our Cessna would allow. Soon we were back out in open countryside gazing at the flat lands and perfectly planned fields and towns.

The airspace in Netherlands can be quite intimidating, in most areas you cannot get above 1,500 feet, and while sharing this with many other GA aircraft, it means near passes are a common thing here. After a couple hours exploring, we returned to Lelystad to join a tight circuit with 5 other aircraft. There is a large aircraft museum on site which includes an old 747 and many other aircraft types.

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