Flying over the Saudi Arabia Desert

Join us on board a flight from Africa (Egypt) to the Middle East (Bahrain) crossing through Saudi Arabia in a Cessna 182. Our routing took us over desolate deserts, lava fields and unexplored mountain ranges for 6 hours. Its probably the most fascinating terrain I have flown over to date. I felt like we were in a spaceship effortlessly cruising over the moon, Mars or some other unknown planet. My neck was aching from being glued out the window and pondering what life would be like below. Final destination of the day was the country and island of Bahrain after an eight hour non stop flight through Saudi Arabia. Listening to U2, Pink Floyd and the Foo Fighters on the PA system over the deserts of Saudi Arabia and hoping we would not get shot down was an experience I will never forget. To me this really was venturing into the unknown. ......... We spent a day in Hurghada to relax and recover between long flights. Most of the time was spent planning the next days flying, and hanging out on the beach reading! Exactly what was needed at this stage of the trip, with a lot of hard work still to come. The flight to Bahrain was nearly 1,000 nautical miles, and would take almost 8 hours. We had elected not to stop in Saudi Arabia, but the majority of the flight would take us over their vast deserts, after the hour long sea crossing at the beginning. We left Hurghada shortly after sunrise, to try and take advantage of cooler temperatures, and climbed slowly east across the water towards the Saudi coast. An hour in, we were over Saudi; and it wasn't anything like we'd expected. Instead of endless sand, there was tremendous variety of hills, mountains, towns, agriculture and yes, quite a lot of sand as well. We spent the hours mesmorised by the views, our eyes glued to the windows. Eventually, we reached the eastern shore and spent quite some time being messed around by ATC before finally parking up for the night.

Full write up coming soon.....

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