Spain to England C42 Ferry Flight

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

Mission Ferry Flight

C42 Requena to Deanland
C42 Requena to Deanland

Today’s mission was an exciting one, and that was to ferry a flight school's C42 back to the UK from Spain. Normally, due to the height of the Pyrenees mountains, the preference would be to track up the East coast of Spain to avoid crossing the high mountain peaks, although that entails dealing with the busy Barcelona TMA. Due to the predicted winds up the East coast of Spain and into France, we opted to take the Westerly route and climb over the Pyrenees to make a fuel stop at Biarritz in France where the conditions were looking more favourable.

We set our alarms early and aimed to be up and have the 'nose up' for sunrise. It was February 14th and my late friend Richard Foster was hoping to make it home for valentine’s day, but as aviators, we know only too well what a case of 'get there itis' can do to pilots. Thankfully, the weather Gods answered our prayers and give us a great run home of which we completed in 8 hours 40 mins thanks to a smooth 30knt tailwind most of the way.

Join us on board Lady IRED as we fondly knew here for a one day trip from Requena in Spain to Deanland in England.

Tracking over the midlands of Spain heading back to the UK:

Full write up coming soon

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